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Phillip Swindall grew up as the son of a steel-working Army veteran. His father, Bud Swindall,  eventually became a Baptist preacher in the Deep South.


As a kindergarten student, Phillip lived in a tough Birmingham, Alabama housing project called “Mark’s Village” in the late 1960’s. His family served as missionaries in that neighborhood for two years. Since that time, Philip has lived in four southern states. He has worked in almost every state south of the Mason-Dixon line at one time or another.


Phillip graduated from the same High School in Brookhaven, Mississippi as Bob Pittman, CEO of iHeart Radio. At the time of Phillip’s junior high and high school years, Pittman become known as the creator of music television. Pittman was responsible forFriday Night Videos on NBC and the cable network MTV. Later, while in Junior College, Phillip started working in radio broadcasting on campus. His second radio job was at a Brookhaven, MS station, where both he and Pittman had worked.

The “broadcasting bug” bit Phil hard at the time. He went on to work in formats as diverse as

  • Country
  • Top 40
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Southern Gospel
  • Contemporary Christian
  • Jazz/Pop Standards

for more than a decade and in more than four states. Eventually, he found his way into radio and TV news and news-talk radio. He’s also worked as a professional print journalist briefly.

Later, Phil attended Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. While studying Mass Communications, he served churches in Youth Ministry, Church Education Ministry and Music Ministry. Later, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education (2000) from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Since 2000, Phillip has served in ministry, worked in broadcasting, and taught in two parochial high schools.

In 2008, he moved back to his hometown, Gadsden, Alabama, where he now resides. And, in 2010, he married (for the first time), at the age of 46. His wife, Teresa became a widow a while before they met. Her husband  (Danny) fell off a cliff at the Little River Canyon. Danny spent 105 days in a hospital prior to his death.

Currently, Phillip is a bi-vocational pastor, serving Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Altoona, Alabama, and has been writing for online entrepreneurs, podcasters and other businessmen. He has worked as both a ghost-writer and a named author.

Today, he is in the process of transitioning his business into a Social Media Marketing Agency while he continues to lead the people at Mt. Olive and tries to be the best husband he possibly can.


Phil has written several articles, ebooks and produced training videos on the topic of Facebook Marketing. Most of his work, for other business owners, was used as training material. Other articles were use to attract customer to the paid courses.

He continues to write web site content for many online businesses. Phillip developed SEO writing skills honed while writing for the Facebook Marketing course.

Today, Phillip is focusing most of his effort assisting businesses grow their assets. He does this by content development for online (and offline) publications. He consults and trains business owners to effectively use online advertising and SEO to maximize the influence and impact of their advertising dollars.

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