There are 365 days in calendar year 2018. And, if I look at my trusty calendar, there are 30 days until January 1, 2018.

Over the past few days, I’ve asked several different questions pertaining to how my friends in Facebook conduct their personal Bible Studies.

  • I’ve asked about Bible Translation preferences.
  • I’ve asked about Types of Bible Studies used.
  • I’ve asked about Favorite Non-Fiction Christian authors.
  • I’ve asked about Best Times for a Bible Study.

And, I’ve got a lot of different questions.

When I asked if my friends needed some help with doing a Bible Study that is beneficial to them, they said (almost in unison) “yes.” I even mentioned the number of 45 days.

45 Day Bible Studies

I like the number 45. Not because it’s my favorite number, or a highly-touted number in the Bible.

As a matter of fact, I almost made it a 52 Day Bible Study, because that’s how many days Nehemiah and the Israelites took to rebuild the walls of the great city of Jerusalem.

I chose 45 days because I’ve found that I can turn any practice into a habit if I stick with it for about 45 days.

I hope I can help you develop a habit of conducting a daily Bible Study each day by following along with me each day for the next 45 days.

The Goal of These 45 Day Bible Studies

During the year 2018, I will write 9 different 45-day Bible Studies. Here’s my plan:

  1. January 2018 – February 2018: God’s Great Creation (Genesis)
  2. February 2018 – March 2018: God’s Great Love (Mark)
  3. April 2018 – May 2018: Building Greatness (Proverbs)
  4. May 2018 – June 2018: God-Pleasing Marriage (Selected Writings of Paul)
  5. July 2018 – August 2018: Rebuilding Greatness (Nehemiah)
  6. August 2018 – September 2018: Shepherds, Kings and Wise Men (Selected Passages of Samual and Kings)
  7. October 2018 – November 2018: The Mind of Christ (Philippians and the Gospels)
  8. November 2018 – December 2018: Angels Answer in Reply (Luks and Isaish)

These eight studies will switch from the Old to the New Testament, will be both topical and exegetical (verse by verse), and will also use various translations to assist in your study.

In each study, I will use a basic outline:

  • Days 1-3: About the Author and the Book
  • Days 3-7: The Timing and Audience of the Book
  • Days 8-14: The General Outline of the Book
  • Days 15-30: Highlights of the Book
  • Days 30-45: Key Passages of the Book

My desire is to help you develop a love for the literature of the Bible and a respect for the truths of the Bible.

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