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headshot2001-on-1 Coaching with “Brother Phil” Phillip Swindall

Phillip offers 1-on-1 coaching to help people who want hands-on help building and growing their  businesses, and improving their lives!  There are several options, depending on what you need:


Designed primarily for those looking to step their business, family or personal life up a notch quickly, the Bronze program is the perfect option for those who simply need some personal accountability towards their goals. Keeping you on track with short calls, email conversations and regular words of encouragement from Phillip along the way, between those calls.

  • Create your “Game Plan” to help you determine your next set of tasks to accomplish your goals
  • Weekly 30-minute coaching call to keep you on track in order to reach your goals
  • Private e-mail address access to Phil for guidance and support between calls. 



At this level, you get a partner in your business, life and family improvement, with an increased level of support. If you’re serious about hitting big goals, this is your plan.

  • Create your “Game Plan” – be warned, you’ll get pushed hard to think big
  • Weekly 60-minute, or two 30-minute calls to take a deep dive into your goals and  your life (with additional sessions, if required)
  • Private email access and support from Phil between sessions.
  • An invitation to appear in an upcoming video interview series to be hosted by Phil online
  • Assistance in networking and finding other ways to gain business exposure for you personally or in your business
  • Access to private podcast coaching to help you set up, promote and grow your own podcast as a way to expand your online platform (50% discount)



This is the “Full-Meal Deal”!  Brother Phil comes alongside you, becoming a part of your personal development team.  This is completely customizable to your business, and you get a true partner to help you get to where you want to go.   Includes unlimited access and support.  Since this option is customizable, schedule a one-on-one chat to see how it can work for your business!

If you have any questions on these programs, schedule a one-on-one chat with Phil to discuss your concerns.