How Local Businesses Can Best Manage Facebook Ads

Digital Agency, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Gadsden, AlabamaThere are several ways local businesses can manage Facebook ads. And a few ways you won’t have to manage any of the tedium and tasks of managing ads to support your business. Today, we’ll discuss several of the ways you can do this:

  • Hire A Social Media Manager
  • Learn Social Media Marketing Skills
  • Hire a Digital Agency

Digital Agency, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Gadsden, AlabamaA Local Business Can Hire a Social Media Manager

There are many ways a local business gets an upper hand on using social media for advertising and promotion. One is to hire their own Social Media Manager (SMM). But, this task isn’t as easy as it sounds.

To hire a SMM, you have to find someone with Social Media Marketing skills. You’ll need to find someone with proven experience. You’ll need someone who understands both your business and your customers. And, you’ll need someone you can afford.

Preferably, this person has experience in a Digital Agency that handles Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and can write content for your website, but, most managers in a Digital Agency knows when they have a highly valuable employee and aren’t willing to let them go easily.

If you’re thinking about hiring a Social Media Manager, you should be willing to spend some money. A good bit of money. According to Indeed, the typical in-house Social Media Manager earns as much as $55/hour.

Digital Agency, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Gadsden, Alabama

A Social Median Manager  working from home, can earn as much as $100/hour, according to freelancer website,

Digital Agency, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Gadsden, Alabama

But, if you’re planning on hiring a Social Media Manager for your business, there are several things you must consider before you begin. We’ll discuss this in another article.

A Local Business Can Learn Social Marketing Skills

Another way you can properly manage your Social Marketing in-house is to learn Social Marketing skills yourself.

This can be a slow, tedious process. And, there are many traps in the process of training your self to manage social media marketing.

  • So called “gurus” who can’t teach
  • Some courses that haven’t been updated
  • No real way to measure the effectiveness and expense of the various courses

Among many others….

And, I encourage all business owners who invest in social marketing to learn all they can. But, you need to know enough to know how to talk to those professionals you hire to do the work for you.

Think about it… would you rather invest more time into training? Would you rather invest more time into executing what you’ve learned? Or would you rather know enough to keep an eye on your success?

How efficient is it for a business owner to handle all of the aspects of his/her business success?

The goal, eventually, is to make yourself “obsolete” in your business and let the business pay you for all the time, talent and treasure you’ve invested into it, right?

This is why I suggest a third option…

A Local Business Can Hire a Digital Agency

The great thing about a good local marketing digital agency is the company has access to several assets.

If you need to increase the effectiveness of social media marketing; they’ve got someone to handle that.

If you need to improve your search engine rankings; there’s usually a team to do that.

If you need to figure out how to get more leads for your business; the company has people who do that daily.

So, why should a local business hire a digital agency? Because the team in your local digital agency either has experience in the online digital marketing skills you need, or they have access to teams that do. You won’t have to go looking for new people to hire. And, you won’t need to do the massive efforts needed to accomplish your goals.

What Does A Digital Agency Do for Local Businesses?

A Digital Agency Handles Facebook Content and Ads for Your Business

Let’s take a chiropractor friend of mine, Ben.

Ben needed some way to get patients to his new practice a few years back. So, he started using Facebook to attract those people. Specifically, he used creative, attractive posts to generate “engagement” among the people of his town.

This “engagement” is a term Facebook uses to define reactions, comments and shares that shows the computers that run Facebook that your posts are “important” to more people, so it puts your posts into more and more people’s newsfeeds.

A local digital agency can design/develop those posts for your business page in effort to increase that engagement.

By increasing engagement with those posts, you then have increased visibility of your content for people who have liked your page. But, you need to reach more people, right?

A Digital Agency is capable of using several tactics to reach more people like the ones who use your business already. They can also use Facebook’s tools to “target” people who are in your marketing area who like the products or services you offer.

And, a Digital Agency has access to tools to measure the effectiveness of those posts, turn them into ads, and increase your reach beyond just the people who like you already.

A Digital Agency Handles Search Engine Content and Ads for Your Business

A few years back, if you ever studied ways to improve your Search Engine “Ranking,” you probably heard the old “Content is King” phrase.

It’s true, content on your website is extremely important. But, it’s not the king.

As a matter of fact, in the business of search engine ranking, there’s no one thing you must do to make your website appear on the top of the rankings. There’s about eight or nine.

  1. Content Creation
  2. Content Updates
  3. Keyword Analysis
  4. User Interface Improvement
  5. Backlink and Citation Management
  6. Web Design
  7. Web Security
  8. Conversion Management/Tracking

If your local “SEO Company” can’t handle all of these tasks (and more), then, it will be extremely difficult for you to find your website on top of Google, or Bing, or any other search engine.

Another tool available to you to make sure people see your listing on the top of search engines is the placement of ads on Google and other sites. But, since you’ll be “bidding” against other companies in your area, your Digital Agency has the knowledge to get those ads placed in profitable searches your competitors haven’t even thought of yet.

Those are just two of the main tasks a good Digital Agency handles for your business. And, yes, there is a cost to those services. But, you’ll be trusting your business to professionals who accomplish these tasks every day, all day.

The SNG Digital Agency is one option available for you. We have a team of professionals in our hometown of Gadsden, Alabama, and around the world working together to improve your online presence and your online conversions of interested “clickers” to actual consumers. Let, SNG Digital Agency visit your business and help your business improve it’s bottom line with much more effective means than using old “analog” media such as newspapers, radio and television. Call us today.


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