Knowing Your Role, Your Goal and Your Obstacles


It is always the key obstacle between getting started and becoming successful. Without sales, no one makes money.
Without sales, no products are sold.
Without sales, no one gets paid.
Without sales, there is no profit.

The fact of the matter boils down to this one truth:

There MUST Be Sales!

When it comes to selling things to customers, there are three things you must remember:


A good way to think about your objective is in terms of “barriers to sale”.
Of course you need to make sure that your customers are:

  • interested in what you are selling
  • that they know what it is and
  • they think itís worth the money.

But even at this stage, you might find they still don’t buy from you.

In that case, the likelihood is that they’re psychologically blocked from buying by something that putting them off of the idea.

These are your barriers to sale. And at this point, these are all that is between you and a new customer! So what are these barriers and how do you break them down?


The first thing you need to understand in the sales relationship is what your role is. You are not a salesman (or saleswoman, or salesperson). You are a problem solver.

  • That is your role when you’re in the business.
  • A clothier solves the problem of needing clothes.
  • A mechanic solves the mechanical problems of your transportation.
  • A dry cleaner solves the problems of dirty clothes.
  • An advertiser solves the problems of needing more customers.

So… let’s take a moment and think about your role.

  • What are you selling?
  • What problem is it solving?
  • How can you discover if your customer needs this problem?
  • How can you convince your customer that they need this solution?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll address these questions and how you can answer them to be a better salesperson.


Personally, I hate the concept of sales quotas. My personal observation is that sales quotas are simply a tool to justify a manager’s position. Sales quotas are merely a way to keep new blood in an organization.

Believe me, if the salesperson is paid on commission, you won’t need quotas to succeed. You just need the proper motivation.

That motivation is demonstrated by the goals you set for yourself in order to succeed. All a manager has to do to succeed is to help their sales staff internalize their goals, and encourage them in how to arrive at those desired outcomes.

Put simply, however, your goal should be to sell as many products as you can to people who’s lives will be made better by your matching them to your product to solve their problem.


The sad fact is, however, that most people in sales are more interested in the byproduct of this goal — the money they’ll be paid.

Listen, the money is byproduct. If it’s your goal, you’re gong to find it very difficult to break down the barriers to reaching those goals — even the monetary ones.

To help you understand how you must be prepared to overcome the barriers to sales, let’s look at the four major barriers to making the sale:

  • RISK

Trust is a Major Barrier to Sales Success

The first barrier to sale is trust. That means that you need to make sure your buyer trusts you enough to buy from you and trusts your website as well so that they know their details arenít going to get lost in the clouds. Buying from brands online can be nerve wracking because we have no way of guaranteeing theyíre really going to send us the products.
So how do you overcome this? One option is to show social proof with customer reviews. Also important is to make sure your site looks as professional as possible so that thereís no question as to whether youíre a professional outfit.

Effort Is A Major Barrier to Sales Success

Also standing in your way is the effort of buying. That is to say that people hate having to input their details and go through the process of getting out their debit card and this can be enough to put them off buying something they want! The solution is to make sure youíre making it as easy as possible for them. One of the best ways to do that is to use a well-known payment gateway – like PayPal!

Buyers’ Remorse is a Major Barrier to Sales Success

Buyers’ remorse is the guilt that someone often feels upon buying ñ and the guilt they anticipate to feel prior to making that purchase. You need to mitigate this and one way to do that is to demonstrate that your product is an investment in some way, or that it will make life genuinely better.

Risk is a Major Barrier to Sales Success

There is always risk with a product.

This is why stores like Sears once proudly proclaimed “Satisfaction Guaranteed! Or your money back!”

There are other risks with any product as well. Think about the various dangers and risks involved with the product you’re selling, and find ways to overcome the risk barrier before you try to make the sale to your customer.

For example, your product might not be as good as it looks on your website! To overcome this, one thing you can do is to offer a full money back guarantee. In reality, few people are likely to use it. Simply having it there though will usually be enough to make them much more likely to buy from you!

Or, you could offer a 14-day Free Trial like Russell Brunson does over at ClickFunnels. He knows the $297 price point may be a large barrier, making the financial risk far to great to make a sale. So, he offers his 14 day Free Trial to help overcome that risk.

Take the time to know all of the things in order to overcome the barriers to sales in your industry. Understand your role is to match your products or services to your customer’s needs. Realize that your goal then becomes to help as many customers as possible. And, finally, understand your major obstacles and be prepared to overcome them when the customer brings them up.

Happy Selling!