#No Lost Causes – Even For a Porn Star

When Brittni was in college, had already been working at a strip club. At 18 years of age, she was starring in adult (porn) films.

Her deep desire for attention and love led to her job choices and drugs. She grew tired of the business, the way she was treated, and her own self image.

All the while, the porn industry was supporting her and giving her industry awards, which fed her desire for attention. But, it never fully satisfied her longing to be whole.

One day, she agreed to go to church with her grandfather. She says she believed Jesus was the way for her to escape the life she had chosen… but, she didn’t know HOW Jesus would lead her from the porn industry.

Brittni got a Bible and started reading it.

But, she returned to the porn industry after a short period of time.

After seven years in the porn industry, Brittni finally found her way out of the sex trade.

Now, Brittni isn’t fighting depression. Or drugs. Or porn.

Her hope was being restored.

“I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit,” while she was packing for a trip to Las Vegas for a porn job. “Take your Bible,” she says she was told.

On her trip, she read about Jezebel in the Bible.

During the flight, she read in the Book of the Revelation, she found the story of God’s judgement of the Jezebel spirit.

“He starts speaking to me through this verse.” She says, “it says that I have this thing against you…talking to one of the churches, it says that you tolerate this woman named Jezebel who leads my people into sexual immorality, I’ve given her time to repent. And, if she doesn’t repent, I will cast her and her children into a sick bed.”

At that moment, she says, she realized that her heavenly Father was speaking to her about the way she was living her life and how He felt about sexual immorality.

On her flight to Las Vegas, she asked God for forgiveness and felt a conviction that she should be doing what she was doing.

On that day, she stopped all her work in the porn industry.

At that point, she started pursuing her life in Jesus Christ. A year later, she met her husband, Richard.

They are now leading a young adults ministry together. Brittni is now encouraging women to know how they can live a life of truth – “even after every mistake I’ve made in my life, every sin I’ve committed”  – and that they have access to that love from God that calls them out of their sin and into a full and complete life in Jesus Christ.

At one point, Brittni felt that she was a lost cause. But, God the Father made sure that the Holy Spirit communicated with her in her search for fullness and freedom. And, now, Brittni is sharing that good news of forgiveness and freedom… even from the porn industry.

Yes, it’s true… with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, there are #nolostcauses


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