What Can Facebook Ads Do For A Gadsden Business?

Gadsden Social Media What Can Facebook Ads Do For Your BusnessToday, I’d like to address the huge “elephant in the room.”

What CAN Facebook Ads Do for Your Business?

I’m sure you’ve probably seen or used Facebook’s social media platform. And, you’ve probably seen an ad or two from time to time.

But, what about promoting your business? Can you actually do that?

The answer to that question is a huge “yes.” And the truth is, you can do it fairly inexpensively, too!

Facebook advertising can help you drive traffic to your website. Social Marketing can help you gain interest in your services or products for sale. And you can use Social mead ads to bring new leads (prospects, customers, clients) into your ecosystem, fast!

If you’ve been struggling to reach more customers and leads, you’ve probably found traditional methods both costly and inefficient. And, you’ve probably learned (or heard) that simply having a website, or Facebook page, or another social media account won’t do anything for your business.

And, that’s the truth: having a website won’t do anything for your business. Neither will just having a social media account. That’s why you need to start learning how to use your digital assets profitably!


Facebook is, and has been, the biggest and most popular social media platform around. Last year, the company boasted an impressive 2 billion monthly active users.

Just for the record, that’s one in every four inhabitants of the planet!

Let’s just do some simple math. Here’s a list of the seven counties from which Gadsden businesses get most of their shoppers. I also included the most recent population counts of these Alabama Counties:

  • Etowah County, 102,501
  • Marshall County  96,109
  • DeKalb County, 71,385
  • Cherokee County, 26,032
  • Calhoun County, 114,277
  • Talladega County, 79,828
  • St. Clair County, 88,690
  • Blount County, 57,840

If I calculated this correctly (and I checked it three times), the population of these eight counties in North East Alabama is 634,662. That’s 13% of the population of the state’s 67 counties.

So, if we just simply calculated one-fourth of this eight-county population, we’d arrive at nearly 159,000 Facebook users.

Of course, this is extremely lower than reality. The one-in-four users is a worldwide statistic. There are some entire countries who have no Facebook users at all.

Let’s just give an educated guess, and estimate a one in two ratio of Facebook users to Alabama residents. That’s approximately 315,000 Facebook users in the eight-county area! What could you sell 315,000 people?


So, it’s clearly evident that Facebook has a sizable chunk of your potential customers. All you need to do is find, them, and find a way to target them.

If you are already an online marketer, or business owner, you have probably tried Facebook marketing before — or what you though was Facebook marketing.


Gadsden Social Marketing Facebook Business PageCreating a Facebook Fan Page for your business is one of the easiest things you can do. You just log in, click on a link to “Create a Fan Page” and people find you!

But, that’s not how it works!

You’ve got to create content for that page! But, what kind of content should I create to attract customers to my business?

I’ve got a formula to help you create your Facebook page content. But, for now, let’s just state the basics:

  1. You don’t post “share and like” posts. (if you instruct them to, Facebook doesn’t like it)
  2. You don’t post “comment below” posts. (Facebook doesn’t like them, either)
  3. You don’t post shared content that sends your followers away from Facebook (you can do this from time to time, but not every time you post)
  4. You don’t promote your products or services for sale on every post.
  5. You d0 proved value to your followers. Give your Facebook Fan Page Followers something that helps them!
    1. Give them guidance on how to use your product/service
    2. Give them guidance on how your product/service makes their life better/easier
    3. Give them tips on how not to need your product/service, but include how your product/service can make life better/easier
    4. Give them videos/images that entertain them, but make sure it relates to your products and services
  6. Then, when you create some content that starts to get attention, turn that content into an advertisement for your business!

Which raises the question,


Gadsden Social Media Marketing Restaurant Facebook Video AdWithout getting too technical, Facebook Advertisements are promoted posts, videos, images, and other content designed to do one thing: sell something!

Facebook ads are easy to set up. And, they can run on several distribution systems. Those include

  • Facebook Timeline Ads
  • Facebook Right Column Ads
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Advertising Network (partner sites and applications)

The ads on Facebook allow you to achieve several business objectives, such as

  • Increase traffic to your websites
  • Increase “engagement” among your followers
  • Encouraging Facebook users to take an action on your website

These ads are highly customizable. And, ads on Facebook also help you increase brand awareness. The ads are highly responsible and optimized to help you convert sales.


To start with, Facebook ads can’t do anything for your business if you do not have a Facebook Business Page set up. Once you’ve set up your page, you can set up a Facebook Advertiser Account.

After that, you can use the Facebook Business Manager or the Facebook Ads Manager to design and distribute your ads to the various Facebook-owned or networked properties mentioned above.

When you serve an ad to a user on the various Facebook ads networks, the user simply sees a post you’ve decided to promote. This keeps the user experience smooth. This distribution also gives the user a choice to “like” your post or your page. This increases brand recall, exposure and help you build you business social presence.

Because of some unbelievable software in the background, Facebook lets you target customers who match some very specific details. With my articles and lessons, you’ll learn how to “hyper-target” your perfect customers based on their interests, location, shopping habits, and demographic data.

One of the other ways Facebook ads help you business in in cost savings.

Gadsden Social Marketing Agency Facebook Ad Targeting

Broadcast media (radio and television) brag about the number of potential listeners or viewers. But, how well can they tell you if their listeners relate to your product or service? Or if they’re within your market area? Or if their shopping habits bring them to your hometown?

When you use Facebook Advertising Targeting properly, you’ll get the best return-on-investment for every dollar you spend on ads.

Additionally, you’ll be able to track every dollar you spend and measure it’s effectiveness.

Once you learn the system, Facebook ads are easy to set up, track and maintain. With our systems (and our training), you’ll learn how to easily set up a high-converting ad campaign in less than  20 minutes or so.


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