Why Should My Business Advertise on Facebook?

Gadsden SEO, Social Media Manager
It is often difficult trying to match the business desires of a local business in a county of just over 100,000 with a Social Media Giant with over 2 Billion Daily Users. But, if you’re running a business in a small town, Facebook (and other social media) are exactly where you need to be advertising.

Internationally, the numbers are staggering…. over TWO BILLION monthly users log into Facebook. TWO BILLION!
But, what does that mean for YOUR local business in Gadsden, Alabama?
There are over 43,000 men and women within 20 miles of Gadsden on Facebook. (ages 22-65)That’s according to Facebook’s Business Manager.

Armed with this information, any business in Gadsden should be able to advertise to all 43,000 for a little over $50. Weekly. On Facebook.
So… why should you use Facebook to reach your audience? There are several reasons to be advertising online. Especially on Facebook:

  • Facebook Ads Give You More Opportunities to Enhance Business Credibility
  • Facebook Ads Give You More Power to Enhance Your Sales Message to Customers
  • Facebook Ads Give You Several Advantages Over Your Competitors’ Advertising Budget
  • Facebook Ads Give Your More Opportunities to Enhance Business Credibility
Gadsden, Alabama Social Media Marketing and SEO

Without a doubt, Facebook is the #1 Social Media Marketing Platform out there. .On Facebook, businesses can reach out to widely scattered customers. This medium can provide great respectability and credibility to your business.

But, without adequate attention, Facebook advertising can be hazardous your health. And that of your business.
With Facebook advertising, you can carve out a niche in the top of the minds of everyone you market to. And then stay there on a long-term basis. This is powerful as you begin to “brand” your brand into the minds and psyche of your customers.
Facebook advertising could be your key to reaching a pool of high profit customers. And, it can speed up the process by which you reach these customers.

There are many ways you can learn how to advertise on Facebook. You could

  • get online,
  • watch a ton of YouTube videos,
  • read a ton of blog posts,
  • listen to hours and hours of podcast episodes

and finally learn how to be a master advertiser on Facebook.
Heck, you might even be able to take advantage of my upcoming 2019 Facebook Ads Strategy Course. This way, you’d learn how to manage your ads in-house.
Or, you could hire my agency, SNG Marketing, to manage your Social Media marketing for you.
Since for now I just want to show Gadsden businesses that I want to help them, I’m starting with a series of articles. These articles will teach you the importance and power of Facebook ads. And, they’ll instruct you on how to start reaching those 40,000-plus Facebook users.


Gadsden Alabama SEO and Social Marketing

Facebook Ads Give You More Power to Enhance Your Sales Message to Customers

I love helping local businesses use Facebook.
The joy I receive helping them increase their bottom line is massive. Adding to that, hearing testimonies of returning customers is overwhelming at times!
The cool thing is this. There are several tools inside Facebook’s Ad Manager that helps you reach new customers. There are many others to help keep them coming back. .
For instance:

  • Did you know that if you already have an email list full of previous customers who have purchased items or services from your business that you can reach them (almost) directly?
  • Did you know that you can reach hundreds of people just like those people who came into your business and purchased items or services?
  • Did you know you can target people who fit into your business demographics (age, sex, income, etc) or lifestyle, or interests?
  • Did you know you can even follow up on Facebook users who watch a certain percentage of a video ad? Or visit your website? Or click on an ad you post?
  • And, by doing this — better targeting your potential customer — you will increase the number of sales (and profits) and decrease your cost per customer attracted to your business?

Facebook Ads Give You Several Advantages Over Your Competitors’ Advertising Budget

By taking advantage of these Facebook advertising tools you will beat your competitors.
If they’re spending ad dollars, you’ll maximize every dollar you spend more than they do. Even if you’re a “brick-and-mortar” business competing with an online business.
Some credit card processors (like Square, for instance) help you track customers. By using this tools, you’ll be able to track when customers have purchased based on your ads.
Another edge you’ll have over competitors is the ability to specifically target customers.
Try doing that with radio…. or TV (even Cable)… or fish-wrappers (oops, newspaper). It can’t be done.
With Facebook ads, you can target, on a granular level, your customers.
Let’s say you need to reach customers who are 46 years old. Born in September, who is male, own a home, have moved into Gadsden recently, and have children.
And, if that’s not specific enough, how about this? Do you need men who like NASCAR? Or, read Dick Bergen’s Speedway Illustrated? It’s as easy as typing it in and Facebook will find them!
I bet your competitor isn’t doing that! (Unless they’re working with me to advertise on Facebook!)

Contact Phillip at SNG Marketing

Over the past few years, I’ve been working for other entrepreneurs across the nation. I’ve helped them set up their advertising businesses. I’ve helped them write authoritative articles on digital marketing.
But, as one of my mentors explained to me, “there comes a time when you have to go out and do it for yourself.”
So.. I’m offering Gadsden businesses two different ways to work with me.
First, I’m offering a course on Facebook Advertising in 2019/2020.
This course is a top of the line training system. You’ll get:

  • an ebook that will walk you through the steps at your own pace
  • videos that will show you how to get things gone at your own pace
  • a small group of Gadsden area business owners to help each other improve and grow

You could learn (or train someone) to manage your digital advertising and run it all in-house. The course will take about 4-6 weeks to complete.
With trial and error, on-the-job learning, you should be able to master digital marketing in 6 months to a year.
Or…. you could speed the process up and hire SNG Marketing to manage your digital ads.
You could start seeing returns on your investment in 30 days.
It’s up to you…

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