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About Me

How Phillip Swindall Can Help Your Business (in 300 Words or Less)

I’ve worked in mass media (radio, television, print, graphic design, web design, web mastering, content creation – video, blog posts, podcasts – and public speaking) since 1982.

I’ve learned mass marketing skills since high school. And, I’ve taught these skills to many, as well.

During my days in radio and television, I learned how to present valuable information in spoken form. I have also learned how to speak publicly before an audience as small as 5 to audiences thousands of times larger, and I can teach you these skills, too.

That’s invaluable to anyone looking to utilize the tools of the internet to spread a message far and wide.

In addition, I can take your story and help fashion it into a crisp, clean documentation of your life, or your business, or even a product or service of your business. Because I am an accomplished (and paid) writer of internet content, creator of video content, and consultant to several businesses, churches and individuals in how to implement a planned and purposeful schedule to content creation to spread their message worldwide on the internet as a means to growth.

Having developed skills in

  • Mass Media
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Production

Which, are all a part of the new 21st Century marketing technique called “Content Marketing.”

If your business needs help, or guidance to improve your Content Marketing for growth, feel free to contact me below

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