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A Day in the Life of a BiVocational Pastor’s “Side Job”

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As I mentioned yesterday, my financial mentor assisted me in accumulating the skills needed to finally tell my bosses “goodbye.” The day I let go my boss, I also let go several other things:
A 60 Hour A Week Job that didn’t fulfill me and distracted me from my ministry
An Ulcer Causing Job with tons of frustrations of its own
Hours of Lost Sleep caused by the tension of this work

See how  you can accomplish these benefits, and more within the next year, simply by following (and repeating) this 30 day challenge.

First Thing In The Morning For a Bi-Vo Pastor’s Side Job

In the morning, I awaken and go to the kitchen. I prepare a breakfast loaded with protein and with reduced carbs. (I’m Type 2, so I focus on eating healthy. I follow a strict Keto-Friendly diet AND practice Intermittent Fasting on a regular basis).

But, before I begin “work” I join my wife for our daily devotional time. Each day, we alternate reading a devotional guide, share our personal insights from the reading, and discuss our day’s plans.

Next, we share from our own personal prayer lists and pray for each other than for their prayer list items.

Thirty minutes later, I “step into my office.”

No more commutes. No more ulcer causing traffic. No traffic delays. No fighting fellow employees for parking spaces. No fast food breakfasts. No news/talk radio for news and traffic updates. Heck, I don’t even have to deal with the weather of the day!

I just — LITERALLY — “step into my office!”

Start My Work Day

First, the good news! I check my email and a few websites to see how much money I earned yesterday. After 30 minutes of reading, I discover that my revenue for the day totaled about $195 dollars. Not a great day, but, not a bad one either. 

I remember the days when I was happy to make $195 a day! I mean, $6000 a month isn’t a bad income, right? It’s a LOT better than $500 a month, that’s for sure!

Next, I look at my agenda for the day.

I’m working on a new website design. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. I just need to improve the design on one of my websites. I need to improve the download speed of one of my sites. This means reducing the size of all of my images, and a few more tricks up my sleeve.

This website has started making money, and if I work on improving download speed, it’s very likely that I will improve conversion rates and increase the income this site generates for me each day.

I set up a conference call with my team member who handles the web design. By the end of the day, with one click of my mouse, I’ll have proof that the needed changes are complete, I’ll pay him for the work (about $50), and I’ll confirm the changes made the needed changes to my website’s “load speed.”

Thirty minutes’ of work done.

Next, it’s time to check the statistics for all 10 sites I manage. 

It’s quite simple. I access a “dashboard” I’ve set up.  This dashboard confirms the number of visits on my sites, the number of conversions (purchases, sign ups for free offers, etc.). I then, check on these numbers according to my partners.

Next, I check for emails in my “special” inbox. This inbox introduces me to each new “member” in my groups. But, I don’t have to email them anything. That’s because my system is fine-tuned. It sent my new members an introduction email 5 minutes after they signed up.

Today, and the next seven days, they’ll get another email from me every day. Every day I’ll teach them something new about my “side job” that pays me $195 a day or more.

That’s the end of my first 45 minutes and, as old Abe Lincoln says, I’m ready to chop down my tree! Its time to go see my wife and spend some time with her (again!) today.

Thirty minutes later (around 9:15 AM), I head back to the office (about 23 steps to be exact). And make the rounds on the social media networks.

I browse through the five Facebook pages I manage, the five Facebook private groups I run, and then check out the various Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts I use to communicate with interested customers.

I also check a few other social media accounts that tip me off on other money-making offers I can take advantage of in the near future.

WAIT! Here’s another email alert. This one is from Adam. He just helped me make about $6000 last month. He just sent me the information I needed to write my newsletter article for next week. 

As a matter of fact, he WROTE my newsletter article for next week! Of course, I’ll give him credit! I’ll even provide a link to his new website in the newsletter! 

Great! Now the newsletter is ready to send next Tuesday! Strike THAT off next week’s calendar! Another two hours’ saved!

Check the calendar. Day’s done (until about 4 PM). 

And, it’s not even lunch time!!!!

Now, I’ll “waste” some time.

I’ll check a few websites. News updates. A few competitor’s websites (to grab a few ideas). A few partner’s websites (to see if I can help them with anything). And, a few of my own websites (for ideas for improvement and changes).

It’s almost noon…. Let’s check the stats and emails again. There’s another check for $95 dollars! That’s a total of $290 in the bank since 6 PM yesterday! Not bad!

A month of this, and I’ll have $8,700 in the bank at this rate! (And this is a “bad” day!)

The wife calls. Asks me to pick up lunch. Done!

On my way to her office, I take a phone call from a future business partner.

He wants to pay me $2,500 to teach him personally, how to do what I do. I only take two clients in this side of my business. But, at the end of the month, he’ll be making $100 – 300 a day, too! Not a bad deal for me, and not a bad investment for him!

Day’s done after I get back home from lunch with the wife!

Dinner’s ready to cook in a few hours. Her coffee’s in the pot ready to turn on (I don’t drink the stuff!). And, my latest audio book is ready to start!

What a LIFE! 

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