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Phillip Swindall

Five Things to Improve Your Mind for Growth

Researchers and psychologists have been studying the influence of mindset on learning and personal fulfillment for decades. Based on over 30 years of research, Carol Dweck formulated a theory of mindset that states that we all lean toward one of two primary mindsets. • The fixed mindset us one...

Five Things You Can Do to Boost Personal Growth

Learning to improve yourself and grow personally is a journey that takes time and effort. Personal growth happens because of continual changes to practice, but sometimes, these efforts can feel like they are not really leading anywhere or that your development has stalled out over time. If your...

Make Up Your Mind? – 5 Ways to Limit Your Success

Psychologist Carol Dweck has become widely known as a result of her work in outlining and understanding the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. Additionally, her work has aimed to explain the impact both mindsets can have on the individuals who possess them, as well as the individuals who...

The Awesome Power of 300 Seconds

Do Not Underestimate the Importance of 5 Minutes   Does your life seem out of control? Do you always feel like you are running from one activity to the next without taking a break?     Never underestimate the importance of 5 minutes. No matter how busy a day we have, we all have 5 minutes to spare...

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