Phillip Swindall

Business Growth and Marketing Coaching

Making Your Digital Meetings as Effective as Physical Meetings

These last two months or so have been harsh. And eye-opening. And, the stage is set for a significant economic shift in America. One part of that shift is the maturing of the “work from home” subset of employment. The days of building large buildings for offices are numbered. Why have of...
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Know Your Customers Above All Else

Know Your Customers Above All Else Growing your business is a simple process — it just takes a long time to master. Everyone knows (or should know) this process. Find someone interested in what I’m selling Get them interested in buying it from me Build a relationship with my prospects to...
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If I Could Teach the World One Thing

If I Could Teach the World One Thing There’s an old song (the 1970’s, it’s not THAT old) I remember hearing every Christmas on just about every commercial produced by the world-famous Coca-Cola company. I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony I’d like to ...
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