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My 90 Minute Plan to Maximize Social Media for Business

Jan 22, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Social Media — When you hear those words do you think of all the time wasted?

If we consume social media the way most people do, it’s definitely a time waster! But, what if I told you that you had it all wrong. I’ve learned a little time hack that turns your time on Social Media into a focused effort that leads to new clients – almost weekly!

The WRONG Way To “USE” Social Media for Your Business

Too many times, I’ve found myself searching for the “right” memes for my social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Then, I’d have to take the time to post them, worry about the copy I’d attach to them, and sometimes write and re-write until I had just the right feel.

To be honest, (because I used a time tracker) I was spending about 3-4 hours a day somedays on my social media posts.

And, I never got a client or customer from my social media posts — never!

As a matter of fact, I probably scared a few off with my posts.

This is the absolute wrong way to use social media for any business.

So, stop worrying about finding the “right” photo, the “right” video, or being “neutral” so you don’t offend clients or customers. It’s a product of misinformation… it’s the product of your social media platforms lying to you!

How Social Media Platforms Train You to LOSE Business

Every social media platform is greedy — they want you on their platform every minute of every day. 

Facebook, for instance, will punish you if you include a link, or even a YouTube video in your post. (HINT: Put your links and YouTube embeds in the comments, and use a screen grab of the video that drives your point home).

And, who can blame them? If you’re not on their platform, how will you see the ads they’ve sold to marketers, businesses and industries?

If you’re not staying on their platform, you’re devaluing their ad space. Makes perfect sense to me. I don’t like it. But, It make sense.

So, one day, I had about 30 minutes to “play around” on my Social Media.  I was sitting in a doctor’s lobby waiting for my wife. And, I was amazed about what happened as a result of those 30 minutes.

The 90-Minute Social Media Plan that Revolutionized My Business

While I was sitting in the lobby waiting, I opened my Instagram account and was flipping through all the people I followed with that account. I was looking for posts I could use to inspire me to find the next great post for my  account.

I had created this account to promote some affiliate links in the health and weight loss niche. I have a number of affiliate sales account that I use to experiment with. I test theories and content styles to see if I can attract buyers. Once I find a “trick” that works, I then test it on my other, more “legitimate” businesses. And, ultimately, my affiliate sales pay for my testing!

Anyway, here’s the plan I discovered quite by accident.

I started liking and commenting on posts I liked. Posts that said something unique. Posts that were inspiring to me. For 30 minutes that day, I stoped looking for posts to model and just started encouraging people I liked on my Instagram account.

Every one of my comments fell in one of the following categories:

  1. I complimented them on their image/content and thanked them for the post
  2. I responded to their request for engagement and complimented their channel
  3. I told them how much I liked their post (with specifics) and asked if they needed any help
  4. I told them I chose to follow their channel and asked if I could help them in any way

For thirty minutes, I just built up some of the people I admired on Instagram.

That’s it… that’s the plan.

Well. That’s not the entire plan.

But, if you just do that, you’ll find some benefits, just not for your business.

Turning Compliments on Social Media Into Business

So, let me ask you. When someone compliments your social media posts, what do you do?

Do you go check out their social media profile? Do you try to learn a little bit about them? Do you start liking and sharing some of their posts you like?

This is just part of the beauty of my plan.

All of the sudden, my post shares and likes started to increase. And, my “follows” on this little used Instagram post started to increase.

I was learning a technique none of the “gurus” were teaching me.

I had paid hundreds of dollars to try and learn new ways to grow my Instagram accounts, and I just landed on this one “by mistake.”

But, this isn’t where the business benefits were found. No, I grew my business when I started adding some other pieces to the puzzle.

And, when I started adding these new ingredients to the recipe, the growth on my account and the sales of my affiliate product amazed me.

I started testing my new theories on other affiliate product related channels. And the results were very similar.

Then, I started testing my new theories on an Instagram channel I created that mimics one of my Social Media Marketing clients. Just to see if I could see similar increases for him.

Adding the “Secret Ingredient” that Improves Business

If you know anything about Instagram, you know that you’re very limited in how you drive customers off of Instagram to your websites. So, once I had someone checking out my Instagram feed after I had complimented them and their posts, I had to figure out how to turn them into an interested customer.

Well… I developed a there-pronged secret recipe that did just that. And, once I tested and improved my technique, I started seeing new clients as a result of 30 minutes of complimenting people I wanted to serve as a consultant.

In the period of 27 days, I worked the total of about 3-4 hours a day on this social media strategy. This is how I fine-tuned my winning social media strategy. This is how I turned three affiliate product focused Instagram accounts into a steady $50 income per day. (I had been making about $5-10 per day per account before I started this strategy.)

I don’t have much time to write the rest of this post, so I’ll share as much as I can today, and write the rest for you next week.

Here are the ingredients I used to increase my affiliate income. And, I’m using it now to increase my Social Media Agency’s Consulting fee income, too, now.

  1. An Optimized Social Media Profile
  2. Links to All my Other Social Media Platforms
  3. Content on my website that Compels the Reader to Respond
  4. Two or Three Great Offers that Grabbed My Client’s Attention 

Now, just like any good recipe, there’s a lot of planning that goes into this recipe. And, there’s a lot of measurements you must apply. 

Sure, you could just take this list of four items (above in my list) to build your social media audience. But, I can guarantee you, if you don’t do it in just the right way, you’re gonna lose clients and customers. 

But, for now, take 30 minutes each day on all of y our social media and get out there and compliment folks you’d like to have as customers. Make it your goal to post 200 – 300 compliments per day.

Can you do it? I bet you can! And, I bet you’re going to enjoy it very much, too!

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