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Reducing The Time Requirements of Work

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Yesterday, I wrote about the extreme frustrations in the life of a bivocational minister.

I attempted to describe the six plates of frustration a bi-vo pastor must keep spinning in order to honor God and God’s call on the pastor’s life.

Near the end of the post, I mentioned the affect of a wise man on my life during the past year.

It all began after the church I pastored closed their doors after the onslaught of COVID. 

I lost the $500/month income from leading the church — AND the $100/day income from my full time job in the matter of 30 days — all due to COVID.

And, to top if off, my wife’s income had been reduced two years prior because we had to medically retire her from her teaching job due to health concerns (Type 1 Diabetes).

That’s when I met a man online who helped me discover the path to recovery.

My Financial Recovery Began 

In 2020, my church closed, my job shut down, and my income became supported by substitute teaching (until THAT shut down with virtual school) and other odd-and-end jobs (like security at a local elderly housing center).

While searching for a job, I found a website that bragged 

Agency Pays $2,500/Month

Lifetime Commissions For Every
Email You Forward To Them…

WELL! That sounded like the job of my dreams! $2500 per month sounded like a FANTASY to me after several months of substitute and security work!!! But, $2,500 per every email I forwarded to them??? What if I could get FOUR of these emails forwarded???? OR  TEN?!?!?!?!?!

Then, I saw where I had 60 days to prove this plan was a bust. A SIXTY DAY GUARENTEE. I either got paid this $2,500 or the program would cost me NOTHING. (And, after checking, I got to keep the money I did earn  even if it was $2,499!

Im not going to tell you about this program! Ill let you hear it from the horses mouth.




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