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YouTube Marketing for Local Business

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YouTube Marketing is A Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

Especially for small businesses who have a website, YouTube can be a boost to your business like none you’ve ever used before.

Not only can you build your brand on YouTube, but, you can also build an audience. And, you can do it for little money if you’re willing to do what you need to produce the videos yourself. Our agency side of SNG Consulting guides businesses in creating and producing videos to assist in business growth.

Today we’ll introduce the concept of video marketing (not just YouTube) and give you the 5 main reasons it’s SO effective!

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to advertise and market. Especially on the web.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out of if you’re a seasoned pro; you can break through or bolster your business with an effective video marketing campaign.

It probably dates back to the introduction of YouTube (and to a greater extent, the advent of high-speed internet).Now there are a plethora of similar websites and apps like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and TikTok that are wide open spaces for your business to use. These sites wouldnít be popping up for no reason.The market for video sharing sites is increasing every day.

What does this mean for your business? This means that there is a demand for this more video. As marketers, we just supply these to them and voila! You start your first business online or add a new profit stream to your existing one.

Most people who are interested in Internet Marketing come inwith no prior experience, so what youíre about to hear mightmake some pieces fall into place.

Marketing in general is composed of two things: a demand and asupply. The people we want to buy from us demand theinformation. We just have to find ways to supply it. A lot ofpeople make the mistake of trying to tap into a market thatdoesnít exist. Itís far easier making money from a proven marketthat has buyers instead of creating a new market.

By adding the video element into the equation, new possibilitiespop up. The video itself could be what you supply. The videocould be a funnel that directs more prospects to what yousupply; video services could be what you supply. Thepossibilities are endless.

There are so many things that you can get out of a video thatjust isnít possible in a page of copy or an image. InternetMarketing direct response experts say that it takes about sevenseconds on average to capture someoneís attention before theirattention drifts and they leave your site. This has traditionally been done by a massive bold, red headline which extended down, ending with an “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” button at the bottom.

Letís be honest. Who actually reads all that any way? You know just as well as I do that we prefer to scroll down to the very bottom to see how much the actual thing costs, whatever it maybe.

There has been an increasing trend where marketers are replacingthat long copy simply with a video and link or a form they haveto fill in for more information. Itís faster, more effective andfrankly, itís more fun as well.

Here are also 5 reasons as to why videos are so successful.

  • People tend to share videos around.
  • Videos can demonstrate and prove things to people.
  • Videos can convey emotion better than words can.
  • You can involve your target audience in videos.
  • Videos are more memorable.

Each on of these reasons will become an article here on PhillipSwindall.com

Disadvantages of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

I know it seems weird for me to talk about the disadvantages but let’s face it; nothing is just 100% easy. The more you know about the disadvantages the easier you can deal with them and they won’t be problems anymore!

With every marketing method, there is a weakness. It is good to be aware of these. No matter how good video marketing might initially sound to you, it might not necessarily be right for your business. Here are the top three advantages and disadvantages of video marketing.

Video Marketing’s Disadvantages for Small Business Growth

Honestly these are not super-serious issues. Most of the disadvantages can be offset with various tactics and you can usually avoid them. All the same they exist and you need to know about them:

1. Videos don’t always load instantly.

Some people are impatient or on a slow Internet connection. It’s getting rarer and rarer but there are still cases of people being on very slow DSL connections or even dial-up in certain parts of the country. Also, if you have a particularly long video, this might frustrate viewers and have them leaving your site before the video loads completely (which is why you need GOOD videos that keep their attention!).

2. Making Videos Requires Time, Patience and Skill.

Just like writing copy, shooting, making or editing a video is a laborious process and can take a long time to get it just right. Uploading it can also be a nightmare, as well as getting it to appear the way you want it to appear.

3. There’s Always Going to be a few Bugs!

Trying to get the video showing in different browsers can be a pain in the back, especially if you have no knowledge of programming. At one time, you had to have your videos converted to a set of code called “Flash,” Thankfully, those days are gone. You just upload the video to your video platform of choices.  The time involved in uploading your video, however, can be a huge time investment, however, if your internet speed isn’t up to par.

Advantages in Video Marketing for Small Business Growth

These are my favorite to talk about. If you ask me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages 100 to 1!

1. You Can Connect on a Personal Level!

It is commonly agreed that you purchase with emotion and justify with logic. In other words, the only reason you purchase something is because you felt a specific emotion that made you want to buy it in the first place. I will show you how to tap into this human trait time and time again to form a relationship
with your audience.

2. Google and other Search Engines Just LOVE Videos!

This isnít well understood. It is safe to say that in general, videos do tend to get ranked higher than regular pages with written text and images. It could be the fact that the quality of content provided might be higher in a video. I will also show you how to use free keyword tools to find keywords that you could easily rank for if you made a video about it. We’ll also show you how to optimize for that keyword in the video itself.

3. Videos Go Viral More Than ANY Other Medium!

Videos have a viral quality, meaning that they can spread and grow faster and faster just without you having to even actively promote them. Think about the “Free Hugs” type video. There is a particular trait about that video that makes people talk about it and weíll go through the different traits that you can use in your videos to make it go viral.

So as you can see, the advantages are pretty immense!

The Power of Videos for Marketing Small Business Comes from EMOTION

Emotion is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world.And, when you’re using video as a marketing tool to help your small business growth, you’re pushing the gas pedal down to the floorboard!

When I say “emotion,” I’m not just talking about making people sad or happy. There are a full range of motions you can play on and take advantages of. You can use anger, fear, intrigue, sadness, happiness … the list goes on!

You need to remember this one rule: People purchase with emotion and justify with logic.

This is an unshakeable law of sales and marketing. No matter what you buy, there is a certain human need or want associated with it that makes you want to buy it.

Sometimes it isnít obvious. If you’re talking about breakfast cereal, it might be a habit to buy it for you, in which case it isn’t very emotional. But think about it this way:

How would you feel one morning if you didn’t have that cereal to eat? What if it was your favorite cereal?

What about if it was your children’s favorite cereal? What sorts of emotions are associated with those sorts of thoughts? Itís only when you stop and think about it that you realize how big a deal it actually

On a grander scale, it might be something like a Maserati.

Any motor enthusiast who knew a thing or two about cars would know how hard it is to actually see a Maserati, let along drive in one. What emotions are associated with owning a car like a Maserati?

It’s also to note that the emotion of avoiding something (fear) is a lot stronger than the emotion of gaining something (pleasure).

The negative emotion is the stronger motivator and this is something you should keep in mind if you wish to make money in the Internet Marketing industry.

How does this relate to Video Marketing?

Videos provide a medium through which the strongest of emotions can be incited, causing a rush of visitors to your site. These visitors can be subscribers, they can be buyers, they can be whatever you wish, depending on how you make them feel.

What are some examples of videos that use emotion that have generated a lot of visitors?

1. Feel good: Think of the “Free Hugs” video by Juan Mann in Sydney, Australia.

He started a global phenomenon, promoting peace and good will with a simple act and a simple camera.

People are too busy these days so if they get an opportunity to stop and smell the roses to be reminded of the beauty of life, itís videos like these that do the job.

2. Hype: Think of all the big name Internet Marketers who use video to create raving customers who can’t wait to get their hands on whatever they own. Frank Kern and John Reese do this particularly well. The emotion that this targets is the same emotion you get during Christmas shopping and you’ve found out there’s only 10 more left of a particular gift you wanted to buy.

3. Boredom: Think of Natalie Tran on YouTube and her channel, CommunityChannel. She vlogged about everyday life and alleviates boredom by picking up on the little things in life and turning them into something funny. Again, she is good at what she does, earning a nice amount in advertising commissions from videos on her channel. She is still a student in higher education, so this income supplements her lifestyle well.

Are you excited about video marketing yet? Can you see how powerful it is?

How to Use Demonstration and “How to” Videos to Help Grow Your Business

Demonstration is one of the easiest ways to utilize videos to start an online business or to market something. Videos allow you to shoot a continuous capture of something happening. On a linear scale, you would probably rank written instructions as toward the lower of end of the scale. Let’s take something that is pretty difficult to explain as an example like origami.

If youíve ever tried to make a paper animal or any other basic form in Japanese oragami then you would know that it takes a lot more than a set of instructions to actually master this technique. Itís important to realise that everyone has different ways of learning. Some people might actually learn well by
reading instructions. Some people follow images better; some even learn best while listening to instructions.

However, itís safe to say that for the majority of people, if they had someone demonstrating that activity in front of them, they would definitely learn that activity a lot faster.

So you have an idea of how people use this every day. Itís safe to say that for any interest of hobby you have, there are people out there who are demonstrating it. You only have to go so far as YouTube or even Google to find videos demonstrating what you want to know how to do.

A more specific site is eHow.com. ìHow do IÖî questions are one of the most frequently asked questions online. More often than not, when youíre surfing the web, youíre bound to find an eHow
video lurking around.

(Another really good website is about.com which has how-to AND informational content.)

This site is particularly successful because it is mainly user controlled. Anyone can be an expert and submit an article or a video demonstrating how to do something.

And thatís where the beauty of video lies. By physically demonstrating something, youíre doing a number of things that are going to help you build your online business:

  1. Youíre proving that youíre not a ìtheoreticalî expert but someone who has been through the trenches, making whatever you say more believable,
  2. You give yourself more credibility AND people who watch your video can put a face and a voice to a name, making you more trustworthy.

Someone who does this very well is Salman Khan of KhanAcademy.org. Khan quit his well-paying corporate job to focus on creating videos that explain different concepts that are difficult to understand in school. From Biology to Economics, Elementary Math to complex Calculus, Khan is loved by tens of thousands around the world for his simple take on concepts that a lot of students struggle to understand in a class environment.

Using Screen Capture Software on YouTube for Small Business Growth

If you visit CamStudio.org, you can download free screen capture software called Cam Studio. This works exactly the same as Camtasia but only has the necessary functions to make a video.

It basically just records whatever is going on in your screen so that you can create demos that are clear and of good quality.

If thereís something that people are having trouble with online, perhaps some coding or programming or the installation of something, you can demonstrate it on CamStudio and put it up on a forum, upload it to YouTube or your own website.

Alternatively, you can use any every day digital camera to also show the world how to do something. The only downside to this is that people will see your face and if youíre uncomfortable with that, then this might not be the best option for you.

Consider Outsourcing Your Video Production to an Agency

As a marketer, you donít actually have to be an expert in anything. Your job is to identify profitable niches then find ways that you can make a profit from that niche. Millions of dollars have been made by people who put two and two together: they knew that there was a DEMAND for a particular problem. They knew someone who was an expert in that field (SUPPLY).

They outsourced the hard part (video creation/demonstration) to them for a cut of half the profits. Everybody wins. Now THAT is the essence of marketing, combined with the power of video.

This is a great alternative to making videos by simpler means. Usually you can find a freelancer who has professional-level software to get the job done very well and that can be the difference between an awesome video and a so-so video!

Create a Brand-New Product!

Something to realize in Internet Marketing is not most of the information out there isnít new. A lot of stuff that you purchase can be found online for free. Something that you might pay a lot for might be worth a little the next day. Itís all to do with the perception of the product itself and how you market

This simply involves repackaging something you already have into something that suits other people. This isnít plagiarism because plagiarism involves the blatant replication of something someone else owns and passing it off as your own.

What you can do essentially is purchase an E-Book youíve been meaning to buy to solve a problem that you have, read it, understand it, digest it, then create a video series on it. This video series can then be sold as an individual product on its own at a place like WarriorPlus.com, or GumRoad.com If that particular niche is particularly information-hungry, it could turn out to be a very lucrative course.

I hope this article has educated you and helped you make the smart decision to utilize video marketing for your small business. Our digital marketing agency uses video, articles and other marketing tools to increase your business visibility in your market area. If you’d like assistance getting your business to the next-level success you’ve always desired, contact us, today!

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